Crossco Spackling Compound is a general purpose, water-based spackling compound for patching holes and nail heads easily in plaster, wallboard, wood, stucco, and concrete. Specially formulated for easy application and sanding, it dries fast and holds tight. Cleans up with water and paintable. Will not crack, peel, or crumble, even after exposure to severe weather conditions.
– Application
a. Apply with spackling knife & press firmly into crack or small void.
b. Two or more applications may be required for larger cracks & voids. Allow patch to dry for 1-2 hrs between applications, depending upon climatic conditions.
c. When patch is completely dry (1-2 hrs in normal humidity), patch may be sanded smooth.
d. Sanded patch should be dust-free & otherwise clean, prior to priming & painting.
Larger holes & cracks may require more than one application; allow patch to dry 1-2 hrs between applications
No Mixing Required. Product is ready to use.

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