Garden Hose, 75 ft L, Rubber/Vinyl. The SWAN soft and supple 75 ft 5/8 in water hose combines flexibility and strength. Say goodbye to twisted hoses with this 75 ft flexible garden hose. It can be stretched around the garden with ease and the abrasion-resistant cover of the hose means you’ll be using this one for many seasons. The crush-proof aluminum couplings on this flexible garden hose of 75 ft. In L are lead-free and afford maximum protection. You won’t have to worry about them being damaged when they are stepped on or run over by light garden equipment. This is a hose made for large outdoor areas. It boasts an amazing 400 psi burst strength that will give you great coverage. Made with pride in the USA, the 75 ft. Flexible hose from SWAN’s is functional and versatile. From watering the lawn to hosing down the deck, this hose does it all.

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