Élan ® Wall & Trim offers long lasting beauty with a remarkably smooth, low maintenance finish. The unique pearl sheen creates a sophisticated yet comfortable glow you can see and feel. Élan ® contains an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganisms from degrading the product. With a 100% acrylic formula, Élan ® provides an easy to apply, low – odor formula and delivers superior scrub and wash resistance.

Élan ® Kitchen & Bath is a revolutionary, low – odor paint that delivers enduring beauty in one lustrous coat. Élan contains an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganisms from degrading the product. It is ideal for use in high humidity, frequently scrubbed and washed areas. Élan produces an elegant, long – lasting finish.

Paint and Primer in One Product
Stain Resistant
Soap and Water Cleanup
Low odor, Low VOC

Bull Outdoor Grill


In 1992, Mark Nureddine & his partner began with an idea to develop a business creating the deliverable “Outdoor Kitchen Concept” out of their garage. Today, over 23 years later, Bull Outdoor Products Inc. has grown immensely, and reached widespread prominence in the grilling industry. Bull has over 900 dealers and distributors throughout the United States, and Canada. The company began in 1993 with a 1,200 sq. ft. facility, and has now expanded to three: a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Rialto, CA; a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Athens, Tennessee; and its world headquarters in Lodi, CA.

Turn a bull loose in your backyard


Bull Outdoor Products, Inc. now reaches across the world, after partnering in 2015 with a Maltese company to create Bull Europe- a joint venture to support the Bull brand in the European Union, North Africa, and the Middle East. Bull is also the World Food Championships official grill sponsor. Their very own Team Bull member Wade Fortin won back to back World Burger Championships.

Of the many reasons for Bull’s success is that they have thoroughly researched the grill industry to bring to the consumer products that are ‘second to none!’ Bull’s AWARD WINNING GRILLS are designed engineered and master crafted with the finest materials available. All of the grills are CSA Gas Certified.

Bull’s research in the grill industry has become even more cutting-edge, utilizing engineering experts at California Polytechnic to create the new ReliaBULL technology. Typical grills feature unpredictable heating across the surface. Our new ReliaBULL technology was created to eliminate uneven heating on your grill, making your outdoor grilling experience extraordinary.

With its superior products, facilities, and team, Bull Outdoor Products Inc. pioneered the concept of outdoor barbecue islands, recognizing the need for backyard barbecue enthusiasts to bring their grilling talents to match those of professional chefs!